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Velcro Flat Kydex Holster & Mag Pouch

Velcro Flat Kydex Holster & Mag Pouch

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The Velcro Flat Kydex Holster is a sleek and versatile choice for those in need of a secure and concealable holster. With a flat back covered in Velcro hook, this holster can be placed in the ballistic nylon Holster Pocket of any of our jackets or vests with a Concealed Carry option, offering infinite placement possibilities. Made of .080 thick Kydex, the holster is durable while remaining slim and lightweight.

To ensure the perfect fit, simply order the holster for your right or left hand depending on your draw hand. This ensures easy and efficient access to your firearm whenever you need it.

In addition to the holster, we also offer a Velcro Flat Magazine Pouch. Made of leather with the back covered in Velcro, this platform is perfect for infinite placement inside the off-side holster pocket of our ballistic nylon Concealed Carry Holster pocket option. Whether you carry a double or single stack configuration, this pouch makes it easy to keep your EDC ready to go at a moment's notice. Say goodbye to fumbling with your gear and hello to peace of mind with our Velcro Flat Kydex Holster and Magazine Pouch.

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