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General Product Availability

Please know that your business is important to us. That shouldn’t need to be said, I suppose, but this is a small family business operating for 38 yrs now. Yes, with a product that has field use of 3 generations and often sells on EBAY for more than the original owners paid for it; we should be richer than Bill Gates by now.

Unfortunately, rather than having invented a website that rents rooms without owning them like AirBnB; we invented wool camouflage and with it employed a way to weave wool that creates the most awesome outdoor fabric in history. Not braggin’- others do that for us.  But, we only get about 20 yds in 8 loom hours on the most expensive weaving equipment ever made.

That’s right, fine index jacquard looms have the distinction of being the 1st computer ever invented- in the year 1800. Not kidding… but even though they are digitally controlled looms these days they remain painfully slow and extremely complex.

All of our clothing styles are made to order. We no longer stock any finished goods except accessory items like gloves, hats, hitches, gaitors etc. which are generally in stock.

You can expect a wait time of 6-12 weeks. We’ll try our best to surprise you. However, your 100% deposit is our ONLY payment terms. Canceled orders can be credited to another item at 100%. But, refunds will be charged 25% order cancellation fee WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

We guarantee fit. We will probably confirm your sizing. Please don’t order thinking that you’re gonna lose weight. Our styles last generations, while your weight loss program may or may not last until next season. Your prompt response to our sizing request will save completion time.


Regardless of what you think you may have heard someone say at any time about the delivery date of your order: We don’t guarantee delivery vs your hunt date, birthday, Holiday gift, etc. Our products may save your life or the life of a loved one. They may help create an awesome memory rather than a frightening one. We stopped counting how many lives our gear has saved long ago from the battlefield to falling out of trees, our gear has a stellar, never- equaled record of completing missions and coming home.


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