King of the Mountain will repair or replace any King of the Mountain product that has been found by King of the Mountain corporate to be defective in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the garment.

Our warranty DOES NOT INCLUDE repair or replacement of garments or equipment that have been worn out or torn by sharp objects, improper care and/or storage, accidents, or negligence. It also does not include products where the King of the Mountain label is missing, defaced or has been altered in anyway. If you have any questions concerning care labels or proper storage of your King of the Mountain product, please refer to the Questions & Answers section of the website or contact us by email or phone.

Please note ALL sewn textile products have a “lifetime” that varies depending upon end use and the habits of the wearer. The “lifetime” of King of the Mountain apparel and accessories WILL NOT NECESSARILY CORRESPOND TO THE “LIFETIME” OF THE WEARER.

If the condition of your garment is determined to be beyond repair, your garment will be issued a Death Certificate, which entitles the owner to purchase an exact duplicate of the “deceased” garment at a 30% discount.

Return/Exchange Policy
King of the Mountain will exchange new garments to ensure a good fit for 1 year after purchase. Only garments that have not been taken into the field are eligible for exchange. Garments with specialized alterations are not eligible for exchange. All sales are final.