Gauntlet Mitten System

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The Gauntlet Mitten was designed for the harshest conditions. Made of KarbonXtreme with deer skin leather, which doesn't stiffen when it gets cold. Deer skin also doesn't squeak on a gun stock or bow grip. The Gauntlet Mitten is lined with Polar Fleece. Palms are slit so you can get all four fingers out for tasks, finger tabs or trigger finger on both hands. The backs fold back are can be held in place with the Velcro on the back. We've sat tree stands dark to dark at -40F using the Gauntlet Mitten System.

The system includes both full fingered knit liner gloves and 1/2 fingered knit liner gloves of 100% wool. This allows maximum dry warmth and layer changes. For full-day stand sits at subzero temps we recommend a liner change during the day.

Color: Fractal 3D