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Frontier Shirt

Frontier Shirt

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Introducing the Frontier Shirt, a timeless piece that pays homage to the rugged and durable shirts worn by the pioneers who settled the western frontier. Constructed with a lightweight and breathable weave, this shirt is perfect for early season hunting. It will keep you cool and comfortable while you stalk your prey. The quiet and concealed button system ensures you won't make any unnecessary noise while moving through the brush. The elbow patches provide extra durability and the flap-covered chest pockets offer secure storage for your essentials. The no-frills design of this shirt is perfect for hunters who value function over fashion. It's a reliable and versatile piece that will perform without bulk in warm weather. Get yours today and experience the quality that has made this shirt a favorite among hunters.


Black Fractal 3D - Changes with sunlight.
King of the Mountain Wool

Customer Testimonial

Great Shirt!

My go to shirt for early season. Breathes great but still very warm when it's buttoned. I've used this shirt for 35+years. Although, I do have four of them now!

- Doug S.

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