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The Bushman is the ultimate all-around hunting shirt. With its traditional shirt-jac features, it is perfect for bow-hunting, back-country rifle hunts or simply wearing around camp.

The Bushman is designed to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. It features a full-front, button-up design with a ventilated, double-yoke front and back to shed rain and snow. The shirt also has two No-Snag chest pockets with built-in shell holders for added convenience.

We've also added elbow patches for added durability, and our ultra-quiet concealed-button system ensures that you can move stealthily through the wilderness without making any noise. Whether you're stalking game or sitting quietly in a tree stand, the Bushman will keep you comfortable and dry while also allowing you to blend in with your surroundings.

So if you're looking for a reliable hunting shirt that will stand up to the toughest conditions, look no further than the Bushman. With its superior performance and durability, it is sure to become an essential part of your hunting gear.


Black Fractal 3D - Changes with sunlight.
King of the Mountain Wool

Customer Testimonial

Awesome Shirt!

My favorite shirt for most cold weather conditions! December I will wear the trapper shirt! It is made with the best quality as all of King's products! My wife is a quilter and she can't believe the quality of the sewing! Love this shirt!!

- Doug S.

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