King, I wanted to let you know that I hunted 4th rifle season this year in my KarbonXtreme gear and was the only one in our party not complaining about the wind and subzero temps in the mornings. Every morning but one, was -5 or better, and 20 to 30 mile an hour gusts. I did put handwarmers in the slash pockets of my bibs, and they kept my phone from freezing up and losing its charge. Nice features with the pockets, ammo loops and location nearly under the arms. I just hunkered in my spot in my bibs and Rancher jacket and stayed pretty comfortable considering. I am sure that not shivering helped me make the shot that got my elk. Just checking in, Rob Sprecher Broomfield CO
Extreme Elk Hunt
Northwest territories up near the diamond mines, 43 below zero, best survival clothing ever! Got lucky on a 30 yard running shot. Real beauty. JD Edit note: Know how many have ever killed a wolf on the ground with no bait with a bow and arrow? That guy...JD
Never Cry Wolf
What can I say, 4 days dark to dark at -20c to 20c. Your gear put a
20 up and 20 down