KarbonXtreme™ Technology (KX) is King of the Mountain’s™ patented, carbon/Kevlar enhanced-wool fabric that’s only available in our woven fabrics. It totally shreds the envelope of what everyone thought was possible when it comes to safety and comfort in extreme conditions. KarbonXtreme™ Technology is nail tough, stealth quiet, fire retardant and scent suppressant. KX Technology draws vapor away from your body, turns it into heat and radiates it back at you– hot when the weather’s cold and cool when it’s hot.


Northwest territories up near the diamond mines, 43 below zero, best survival clothing ever! Got lucky on a 30 yard running shot. Real beauty. JD Edit note: Know how many have ever killed a wolf on the ground with no bait with a bow and arrow? That guy...JD
Never Cry Wolf
What can I say, 4 days dark to dark at -20c to 20c. Your gear put a monster on the ground when everyone else was back in camp. Gerry Fillion Thunder Bay, Ontario CANADA
20 up and 20 down
It sure is a deadly combination...a moose hunt with Jim Sigg and wearing King of the Mountain KarbonXtreme clothing. This surely can be called a deadly combination.Thank you for making a quality product. Jim Bonetti, PA
A Deadly Combination