How may I contact you?

You can also use our customer support phone number +1 (877) 683-4826.

What do I do if my King of the Mountain products need repair?

King of the Mountain products that have failed due to faulty craftsmanship or parts are eligible for repair under warranty. These items must be sent to:

5097 STATE ROAD 60

A King of the Mountain representative will make a final determination on why the garment failed and if the damage is covered under warranty. Items with damage that are not covered under warranty will be billed a repair fee equitable to the repairs needed. Please check the “Warranty/Technical Information” area of our website for types of damage not covered. Before sending your clothing in for repair, please check the following list:

  1. Make sure the garments have been laundered prior to mailing or they will be subject to a $30.00 laundering charge. Laundering your clothing will delay the return of your garments.
  2. Include a letter explaining the specific areas needing repair and how they were damaged and include your complete contact information, including a return shipping physical address, email address and daytime phone number in case the tailor/seamstress has questions.
  3. Enclose a check for $25 for shipping and handling made out to VLT Stitchery.

Please note that most repairs can be done by a local seamstress/tailor in your area for much less than what it will cost to ship your garments to us and have it shipped back to you. Tailors/seamstresses work on products like suits and wedding dresses everyday, which require a greater level of skill than our products. Check locally before sending in damaged clothing because it may save you time and money. Repairs generally take 30 days to complete but may take longer during our busiest time of year–hunting season. Allow ample time for your repair to be completed by sending your repairs early.

How should I care for my King of the Mountain products?

When laundering King of the Mountain clothing, ONLY use the gentle cycle of your washing machine with the cold-water temperature setting. Warm and hot water will damage/shrink your KOM clothing and void the warranty. Blocking (hand stretching) the wet fabric is an important step to maintaining your KOM clothing. Hang or lay flat to dry in a cool place. Make sure the wool is completely dry (especially the knee/elbow pads) before storing the clothing in the off-season. Clothing that is not completely dry will suffer dry rot, which permanently compromises the internal strength of the fabric. Use an airtight container for storage to prevent moth larvae damage. Both dry rot and moth damage void the warranty and are irreparable.