Hey King

I know we’ve been in touch before, on your site and at Harrisburg Show.  I have a lot of KOM gear, bushman jacket, couple of shirts, two pairs pants (mid weight and heavy weight) as well as two bibs (snow and forest camo), Booney hat, hoodie, vest, gaiters/boot blankets….and I have to say it’s truly the most incredible gear I’ve ever worn.  I’ve hunted from Alaska to Africa and everywhere in between.  Nothing keeps me warmer, drier or, quite frankly, feeling generally safer in the bush than anything else I’ve put on my body…

I use it not only hunting and fishing but as a crucial gear piece for my maple syrup biz.  When I’m tapping trees in 4′ of snow and temps in -10/-20*F (air temps, not windchill) I stay warm and dry. Making syrup and sugar in the Adirondacks gets cold, unless I’m wrapped in my KOM gear!

I put this stuff through pretty severe conditions (this maple season broke a record – most consecutive days with -0 and below temps…28 I believe in southwest Adirondacks.  Not to mention  hunting in those mountains!

Now I’m amassing cash to outfit my 16 y/o boys in the same great gear.

Thank you and be well,

John J. Montefusco Jr.